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You’re entitled to one fuck up in your life.

You really are. Just then I was standing in the kitchen peeling vegetables when my not so little girl came and asked if she could help. In that moment I thought to myself “I am a lucky person I really am”. If not for a series of unfortunate events or paths I had taken in my life I would never of heard that little girl talking there to me. We are all entitled to one major fuck up in our life according to Smut Man, after all it is human to err. Thankfully my massive clusterfuck landed me in the town I grew up in & into the arms of Smut Man, plus his decision to chuck a sickie the day we ran into each other was the best decision ever made. Since that day we have bought 2 beautiful children into the world & have grown older & wiser together. If I had not chosen to leave what was a nightmare & save my own life I wouldn’t be here today relaying tidbits to you. In the back ground I can hear those 2 children & Smut Man watching a movie, we may not be wealthy but we are the richest people I know,


Fact..Bikies get sick too.

Poor bikie man sitting ever so unwell across from me in the doctors surgery, boo fucking hoo. I just noticed my phone is better than yours & you’re a bikie. Surely you could of stolen something better than the sub standard one you have. Perhaps your neanderthal brain finds it all too confusing, after all they are called Smart Phones. Oh & by the way that TAP OUT shirt you are wearing is a chicks shirt, I should know as I have the exact same one. Another great invention you may of missed is socks,you should really be wearing a pair with those skanky Addidas runners.Dear lord poor Mr Bikie man my tattoos are more masculine than yours, however did you earn that patch??? not for your fashion sense I see.While I am at it wearing baseball caps on backwards looks fucking stupid, but stupid is as stupid does.So thank you dickhead bikie for giving me writing fodder, I have had writers block for some time.


PS Bikie man,thanks a fucking lot for being a patient of my doctor who is always running late,now I have to wait for you. I hear there is no cure for being a DUMB COCKHEAD though.

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