I hate Germs(I wonder if they hate me?)

Seriously I truly hate germs. For a bit over a week I have felt like crap.That snotty & coughing kind of crap,the kind of hot & cold sick you get. I am too old for these stupid germs that reproduce like rabid animals in spring. I don’t “do” sick, I mean I can deal with real diseases but the common cold can just bite my arse. It’s draining & tiresome, I wake at such stupidly early hours needing my puffer & then I cannot get back to sleep. My little girl went on her girst ever camp away this week & I was beside myself. She has never spent time away overnight without either me or her father & here I was pacing the floor the other night like a mad woman. Sometime during the evening when she was gone I actually turned to SmutMan & told him to go and get her. I kid you not I sat here panicking and thinking of every stupid thing that could happen.From bush ticks to broken legs I had worried about it all.She came back to me safe in and in one peice yet she was so very tired. My girl treasures her sleep and she is a very particular sleeper.She has numerous pillows on her bed from fluffy to flat & a body pillow for good measure. At the camp she had to really rough it with ONE pillow, I mean geez how would she cope without her pet pig pillow & her stuffed friends. This was a great distress to her & me, so when she arrived home smelling of a camp fire & dishevelled she promptly put herself in a huge bubble bath & proceeded to tell me all about the trip. She had met a friend, not just any friend but a GOANNA, a friendly one that followed her everywhere she told me.It even appears to of wanted to hop on the bus to come home with her. Not that I dislike lizards but hey we have our resident guinea pig Milo & I highly doubt he would be very happy with a 3 foot long goanna taking up his yard. She told me how the other girls were so stupid and all they did is talk all night to at least 11.30 she reckons even though she had no watch and there wasn’t a clock.She just KNEW it was 11.30 because she could tell.After her bath she threw herself on her bed content to be home with her pillows and rainbow lamp.God I love her, her brother on the other hand did not show much emotion in regards to her absence & while she was away he took over her Wii & DS as you do when your sister is away long enough to create havoc. He did however ask me that night if he could sleep with us, as he felt scared because she wasn’t there in the room next to her(he was missing her greatly).Aspergers has a way of robbing kids of their emotional responses, so we knew it was his way of telling us he was sad & wanted her there.It has been an interesting week full of stories and tissues.I am so happy that it ends tomorrow & the weekend is upon us.So I will plod along with my common cold until next time.


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I am an old Goth in an Emo world. Sometimes my blog can be serious sometimes just silly. It is hard to write about abuse at length & that is why they are infrequant. View all posts by A Goth In The Sun

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