Champix & The Goth Day 9.(Also known as get the fuck out of my face)

Dear world,

Two words FUCK OFF. Ok so I am on day 9 of the trip from hell to quit smoking.The first 7 days are alright, the dose is 0.5mg so there is really no side effects.Day 8 rolled around and so help me I feel like I could rip someones head clear off their shoulders.I feel spewy, shitty & my head hurts. Today I have had 4 smokes, not bad considering I would usually have had a few more.I waver between 15 to 20 smokes a day normally.Though on top of this effort of mine to give up the demon tobacco the little goths & Smut Man have all come down with colds & shitty germs.So I have been running around like a mad goth dispensing Panadol and rubbing menthol crap on their backs.We  are supposed to be going away in 12 days, it’s our 8th wedding anniversary in 3 days & here I am in my pyjamie glory picking up snotty tissues.I have started a whole new addiction at night(shock horror) to super doopers, I eat way too many that I am fairly sure I am beating a path to diabetes.So here I sit cranky and exhausted hoping that I can do this quitting thing without going senile in the process.


About A Goth In The Sun

I am an old Goth in an Emo world. Sometimes my blog can be serious sometimes just silly. It is hard to write about abuse at length & that is why they are infrequant. View all posts by A Goth In The Sun

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