Sleep, or the lack of !

Sleep is elusive, yet highly sought after in our home. Between the four of us we are all over the place. The boy will sleep til 6am then he is up. It doesn’t matter what day it is either. The girl is a shocker, just like her dad. It takes her ages to settle & then when she does she crashes hard, everyday she manages to sleep well past the time to get up for school. She then proceeds to drag herself to the dining table where she is presented with a hot chocolate. Smut Man is Narcoleptic and suffers restless leg syndrome, he channels Michael Flatley in his sleep. He is up and down most nights like me. We are like ships passing in the night, or zombie like parents stumbling in the hall. Me well I can’t remember a night I have slept right through in my whole life. I hear every noise, the kicking of walls resonating from the girls room. Outside I can hear our resident possum doing laps around the house. The neighbours cats use my back patio as an oasis from their own frenetic home. Insomnia is a shitfull thing & it drags you down. By the time we are ready to walk the kids to school I have consumed several cups of tea a few cigarettes and taken my pain medication. We take the kids to school and drag ourselves home & do the daily clean up. Soon I start cane training & then on to a guide dog. The kids are excited at the prospect of a new pet to add to the guinea pigs, as we finally got Milo a new friend. His name is Sparky, the girl gave his name. I dubbed him G PIG but she had other ideas. He was six months old when we got him and was born on her birthday. That reminds me that it’s feeding time at the G PIG hut. Good Bye for now. Sleep well..


About A Goth In The Sun

I am an old Goth in an Emo world. Sometimes my blog can be serious sometimes just silly. It is hard to write about abuse at length & that is why they are infrequant. View all posts by A Goth In The Sun

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