So many indiscreptancies surround the latest news surrounding the death of Osama bin Laden.

1. The very fact that the “Navy Seals” where able to “sneak” into a zone that  is  predominately a military occupied are raises many un answered questions.

2.The lack of physical evidence, a body or pictures even. Some vague footage of the alleged fire fight that insued yet no real pictures of the man himself.

3.The apparent DNA test that was able to done in such a short time. The the burial at sea.Please people common sense has to prevail here. Even the forensic teams involved in high profile deaths take a lot longer than the “24 hour gap that the American Government have led us to believe.

4.The U.S official statements are changing every few hours, one minute he was armed,he used his so called wife as a human shield.His “daughter” saying she watched the Navy Seals kill her father.WHAT IS THE TRUTH. WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE? There is none.

For many years it has been reported that Osama bin Laden was battling a kidney disease.Given his living conditions in the past decade I am hesitant to believe the hype that he died in a fire fight a few days ago.Funnily also he happened to be killed on the anniversary of the death of Adlof Hitler, coincedence?.

The whole story is riddled with holes and the ambigous remarks made by the officials are too hard to swallow.I for one though feel a sense of relief that he is dead, either way he died. Personally I do believe he died some time ago given his health and poor access to adequate medications and specialists.

Sadly what disturbs me is that children where present. He may of been the worlds most wanted man but children are just that children.The do not need to bear witness to such an atrocity.

Wars are perpetuated though acts like these. These children will grow up, they will live with the memory of the killing of their father, uncle,grandfather. War begets war.Either way people try to rationalise it.


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