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Yesterday as we were walking the ferals home from school a gaggle of mums stood right in the middle of the footpath,SmutMan on cue “COMING THROUGH”, they all start to get huffy and whine about walking around,he replies tells them where it’s at and then I proceed to walk through and say “It’s a footpath to walk on” as I swing my umbrella around wanting to belt one of them.One of the offenders is the mother of the child left in the car months ago.See people like this really piss me off. I am not as ambulant as most, I am almost legally blind and I am riddled with arthritis.It isn’t easy getting around at the best of times let alone navigating urban cave bitches on a footpath.So in future when I am heading your way there will be no nicities just a swift”FUCKING MOVE” being yelled in your general direction.



Why do humans feel the need to deprive another of love, to rob them of life and then take their own.

Why did I watch the news last night and sit in utter disbelief that but a stones throw away a murder had taken place and a little girl was missing.The news interviewed neighbours who had heard the screaming YET FAILED to ring the police.The bloody AFP building is 1 block away for gods sake.

Why is that when I tried to sleep last night all I could do was lay and wring my hands and pray, and pray that somewhere somehow that the person responsible for  this had the decency to leave her at a servo or a hospital or somewhere.

Why is it when I got out of bed this morning my husband looked at me and relayed the news of what had transpired in the hours that had passed.That my heart caved in and I looked at my own beautiful kids and I felt like I was going to crumble into a heap.I did not know these people or anything.Yet we lived so close that we had probably passed each other in the weeks prior to this tragedy.A gutless, spineless bastard who robbed these souls of their lives.And for WHAT? Revenge, satisfaction, the lowest act a so called human can do.

Why do I feel like society has become so fucked that they cannot distinguish a fight over the screams of someone being killed is beyond me.That nobody wants to get “Involved” anymore.One phone call to the police just bloody one that’s what it would of taken.The poor kid may well have been saved.

Why does this shit keep happening.


Dear Young Super Geek @ Hardly Normal(Harvey Norman),

You are a  despicable little shit know it all.Your pimply teenage head needs to mature before you can stand there and prattle on about the virtue of purchasing an over priced gaming device.I dubb them Phoney but you may call them SONY if you haven’t been ripped off by them of late.Smut Man and Myself have already dabbled in the art of obtaining a Wii, FUCKING HELL…this machine of black brings out the beast in any person capable of stringing a simple sentence along.So today we went forth into the land of Hardly Normal with eleventy billion other idiots buying senseless electrical shit, ahem,like us.It was a partcularly cool day on the shiney shiney coast.The children in tow we head into the masses,oh dear lord I hate sloth like neanderthals all slobbering over SHIT.We had come for a Phoney PS3,left with a printer, sd card and the said PHONEY.As we navigated our way through the gelatonous masses to the GAMING SECTION we are greated by the above,PIMPLY SHIT TURD HEAD.Oh you will just love the PS3 IT’S THIS THIS AND THIS.Smut man stood with his eyes affixed on turd head, as he is well aware of the said products features, as for me, well to be honest I don’t give a fuck.It’s a noisy ungodly piece of black crap that just happens to keep the ferals less feral.Pimple boy was still going on, I had my printer, I just wanted to buy the FUCKER and leave.The slobs where getting closer and my level of politeness had dropped to ZERO.So we haggled and haggled, the internal phone rang,Smut man offered to take the call and tell them to FUCK OFF,,OH NO said pimple boy I am not allowed to answer the phone..WHAT THE FUCK.After the invoice was finally printed we head to the main counter,TO WAIT A FUCKING GAIN.Dribbling fools buying fake fire places and blenders that will only collect dust.As we reached our cashier and the transaction was made, we made haste out the door.Back in the car, back to my bubble of normality.On to the next shopping venue to purchase a cable that of course does not come with the PHONEY.More money more time watching fools strutting around like pigions.The youth of today all millng in the walk way only to be bowled over by Smut Man..he gave them a stern lecture on their selfish ways.We eat in the pit, surrounded by more pimply face gits sharing A COOKIE..YES a lone cookie split 4 ways.I thought if it had been a hash cookie then yeh,why not but a COOKIE WITH COCOLATE CHIPS.The eldest of the pimplies held the said cookie and split it wth such precision I am sure he had peformed some mathematical analysis on it prior to the 4 way split.Maybe it’s the GFC and cookies are so pricey maybe they are weight concious pimplies who are saving their hard earned pocket money to buy PRO ACTIV in a vain attempt to shed the pimples,cos if Bieber can they can TOO. We depart the Pit and move onto more shops, more shit and more pimplies everywhere.Smut Man jaunts of to TARJE’T to purchase the infamous lead and the kiddies and I face the super market “THE MULTI NATIONAL RED SIGNED ONE” Coles.Up and down the rows of shit to get crap for school and something for DINNER,not TEA it’s DINNER people. The older oldies gather round the meat section phaffing on about the price of lamb cutlets, those rudely overpriced morsels that Smut Man needs at least 10 of just to touch the sides,we settle on steak and go about our afternoon safe in the knowlege that we have no need to rush home to defrost shit already purchased on shopping day.Smut Man meets us there with his purchases and we end up going through a checkout manned by some”male” that belonged on Little Britan.We have ended our day, THANK FUCK.Then Smut Man drives us all home only to have to set up that bloody PHONEY and Wii.It is now 9pm Smut Man has accomplished all his fatherly tasks and sat down to his desert.And so are the days of our lives……….do do do do do dooooooooooooooooo.


Attention SUNCORP,

Not only are you a money hungry institution that robs people of their dignity, you are also a pack of lying cunts.You extort people for their money and in return you make their lives a fucking misery.You have managed to fuck up an entire state, ruin peoples lives and destroy any faith people had in mankind. HOW DARE YOU CALL ME  A LIAR. Judas is an apt name for your company.You have no ETHICS MORALS OR DECENCY. When people are at their lowest you seem to be able to drag them down further.ESPECIALLY ME. How fucking dare you say to me that because I am visually impaired that I should have had my husband or children read my policy to me.FUCK YOU SUNCORP.I  WILL MAKE IT MY LIFES MISSION TO MAKE SURE EVERYONE NEVER USES YOUR COMPANY EVER AGAIN.I HOPE THAT YOU ENJOY EVERY BIT OF BAD PUBLICITY YOU RECIEVE AFTER I AM DONE WITH YOUR PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR AN INSURANCE COMPANY.

Pain Pain go away.

Dear shoulder,

For too long you have caused incredible pain. I have existed on so many pain killers I believe I rattle when I walk. Next time I see the surgon I am asking for a Titanium replacement. Seriously.When I woke up this morning I was enraged with pain. Angry feeling so sorry for myself I wanted to cry. The human body is a wonderful thing, yet it never seems to amaze me that we humans fall apart so fast.I have beaten cancer, I have had children yet when I go to make a bed it’s like torture.I mean medication is good to a point but where do you draw the line between pain relief and being in a constant state of medicated flux. Smut man has restless legs, I swear he is channeling Michael Flatly in his sleep.Every night he river dances his way across the bed.I mean every night.I feel so bad for him as he is well over 6foot tall.So even a queen size bed is not cutting it for us.Our boy is 9 and he has JRA (juvinile rhumatoid arthritis)his pain is constant.Our daughter has her own sleep issues, god I sound like we are a pack of invalids.From the outside we look like a happy healthy family.Come the night well you get the picture, ailments a plenty here in the Goth household.


So many indiscreptancies surround the latest news surrounding the death of Osama bin Laden.

1. The very fact that the “Navy Seals” where able to “sneak” into a zone that  is  predominately a military occupied are raises many un answered questions.

2.The lack of physical evidence, a body or pictures even. Some vague footage of the alleged fire fight that insued yet no real pictures of the man himself.

3.The apparent DNA test that was able to done in such a short time. The the burial at sea.Please people common sense has to prevail here. Even the forensic teams involved in high profile deaths take a lot longer than the “24 hour gap that the American Government have led us to believe.

4.The U.S official statements are changing every few hours, one minute he was armed,he used his so called wife as a human shield.His “daughter” saying she watched the Navy Seals kill her father.WHAT IS THE TRUTH. WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE? There is none.

For many years it has been reported that Osama bin Laden was battling a kidney disease.Given his living conditions in the past decade I am hesitant to believe the hype that he died in a fire fight a few days ago.Funnily also he happened to be killed on the anniversary of the death of Adlof Hitler, coincedence?.

The whole story is riddled with holes and the ambigous remarks made by the officials are too hard to swallow.I for one though feel a sense of relief that he is dead, either way he died. Personally I do believe he died some time ago given his health and poor access to adequate medications and specialists.

Sadly what disturbs me is that children where present. He may of been the worlds most wanted man but children are just that children.The do not need to bear witness to such an atrocity.

Wars are perpetuated though acts like these. These children will grow up, they will live with the memory of the killing of their father, uncle,grandfather. War begets war.Either way people try to rationalise it.

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