Reality check.

When the world is dead set against you. Let me set the record straight. I may of been a victim of child abuse and horrific peadophilic acts but I am not a “Victim”. I refuse to let the hurt that sick fuck of a man impede on my everyday life.Having said that I find myself being accutely aware of my surroundings a lot lately.Having a daughter is fucking hard, it kills me to see her growing up, she is beautiful.I am not biased either, she looks nothing like me, she is her own little individual.When I see people looking in her general direction I want to rip their eyes out, same way I feel about my son.They are innocent beautiful and wonderful, what kids are supposed to be.Not tainted, dark, moody and a shell. I felt that way my entire childhood.Like nothing was worth the effort,I hated being a girl.Dressing feminine was not my prefferance.I was an early developer, very unfortunate for me.I would cut my hair, dress masculine and avoided situations where there would be males I did not know.This only led to me being dubbed a lesbian or a weirdo.I will take weirdo.


About A Goth In The Sun

I am an old Goth in an Emo world. Sometimes my blog can be serious sometimes just silly. It is hard to write about abuse at length & that is why they are infrequant. View all posts by A Goth In The Sun

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